Johor House

Viewed from the 110ft pool, this house is magnificient. Built by a Chineses family in Batu Pahat, Johor and located close to Singapore, this house has been relocated from the furthest distance. This was originally a farmhouse and built approximately 100 years ago. Some of the design is thought to have Taiwanese influence. Upstairs is one suite and downstairs is another. Both have large verandahs on 3 sides and wonderful views of the mountains.

Johor Suites

Johor 1

  • One Bar
  • One Dressing Room 
  • One Living Space with Veranda
  • One Double (King) Bedroom
  • One Double (Queen) Bedroom 
  • One Bathroom with a Wooden Bathtub

Johor 2

  • One Study Room
  • One Living Space
  • One Balcony
  • One Double (King) Bedroom
  • One Twin Bedroom
  • One Bathroom with a Wooden Bathtub