Temple Tree

Bar & Restaurant

Temple Tree Bar & Restaurant stands proudly at the entrance to welcome guests and visitors to the hotel grounds, in the shadow of the famous tree from which the resort takes its name. It sits in the heart of the magnificent Ipoh House villa, lovingly restored and maintaining its classic features with some added contemporary touches. Beautiful wooden ceiling beams shelter the stunning golden bar, and striking white windows stand out against warm green walls.

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner – local favourites and house specials – are served between 8am and 11pm daily.

Or perch at the bar and enjoy a house cocktail and drink in the view of the resort grounds and swimming pool, all the more magical at sunset – and making it just that little bit happier.


Start your day right with a Temple Tree breakfast; whether traditional continental or fresh tropical fare, there is something to satisfy everyone. Fuel up for a long day exploring the island, or simply bring a book to the balcony and we’ll keep the fresh coffee coming. Served 8am-11.30am.

Lunch, Snack & Dinner

Temple Tree Bar and Restaurant is currently serving a menu featuring modern takes on local favourites, using clever combinations and tasty twists to bring you fabulous familiar flavours in new and inventive ways. Lunch service starts at 11.30am, and you can swing by anytime before 10pm to sample Chef Fairuz creative flair!


Fresh coffee? Fruity cocktail? Fizzy champagne for that special occasion? We’ve got something for everyone and every occasion on the drinks menu. Find a quiet corner on the balcony for some privacy, or pull up a stool at the bar and make new friends, any time of day.