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Temple Tree is a beautifully unique resort experience. The richly landscaped grounds accommodate 8 historical buildings that have been sourced and carefully relocated to Langkawi from all over penisular Malaysia. The accommodation is arranged throughout six of these buildings (see below), while the reception and restaurant are provided in Eurasian House. The final building is the magnificient Ipoh House, a trader's mansion, which is currently being renovated to provide a stunning bar, restaurant and further en-suite guest rooms.

Temple Tree offers a range of 20 beautifully appointed suites, each with its own unique character and history. There are two swimming pools in the landscaped grounds, one of which is adjacent to the revered tree from which the resort takes its name. Furthermore, Temple Tree is ideally located to explore the beautiful and legendary island of Langkawi. Just ask our staff for recommendations of the best places to go.

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